Russian Railways' client day in honor of the company's 18th anniversary.

Russian Railways' client day in honor of the company's 18th anniversary. We discussed the possibilities of sending goods from the Arkhangelsk region in the direction of the Baltic States, asked questions interesting for us at a round table. The topic turned out to be interesting for the company, but can railway transport compete with road transport?

The company is moving towards digitalization, improving service, working on the principle of one window, containerizing flows, delivering goods on the principle of “door-to-door”, “last mile” and is even ready to discuss lowering tariffs for its services. Strong words. However, customers today do not understand how this will be implemented. Today, customers are concerned about the problem of "abandoned trains", which disrupts the delivery time of products throughout the country.

The infrastructure of Russian Railways in the Arkhangelsk Region is heavily overloaded, about 25-30%, there are not enough additional lines Also, aging railway vehicles reduces the productivity of the transport network due to a boom in trade caused by post-COVID hype and deferred demand. To do this, our Arkhangelsk territorial administration needs to defend the initiative at the investment committee in the parent company, but this is possible when there is a rhythmic cargo flow, not spontaneous as it happened now. I hope my colleagues will succeed.

Congratulations to Russian Railways on the holiday, we wish you success and victories! Thank you very much for organizing the event of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Arkhangelsk Region and personally to President Vitaly Lochekhin.