Children Sports Support

Many celebrities, politicians, businessmen in Russia today participate in the socially-oriented project "Wishing Christmas tree" and grant the most cherished dreams of children.

The turn towards society is a necessary measure for the development of modern society. This essential ingredient belongs to the management that can take an organization to the next level. The famous American economist Michael Mescon also wrote about this in 1992.

Our desire was to help the sports organization, since sport in the life of each of us is part of the work-life balance. We contacted the club Bulat with a desire to donate the necessary equipment. The coaches were very happy to support the initiative and said that they needed kettlebells and an Olympic bar for the older group of young Greco-Romans.

Today we visited the club and congratulated the young pupils by presenting sweets. Coaching staff were presented with equipment.

New Year without gifts is not New Year.

May the New Year bring new ideas, new opportunities and new achievements. But do not forget about the most important thing - about health!

Happy New Year!