Transferring the website to another platform

It's no secret that website builders are a very popular way to quickly create a quality website from scratch without the help of serious web developers.

In 2019, we decided to use the famous Wix service to develop our website. It was very convenient for us. Step by step, we improved our site by adding news and various blocks of information to it with our own hands.

However, due to the sanctions imposed against Russia, further existence of the site on the Wix platform turned out to be impossible. This is also faced by many Russian companies that once made their choice in favor of Wix.

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine the existence of any company without the ability to be online, so staying without a website is not about us. In this regard, we have carried out the procedure of transferring our site to another platform - Tilda.This helped us stay online and even significantly improved the quality of the site.

If you need help migrating your site or building it from scratch please contact us. We will be happy to offer our services.